Siam Terrace

Healthy and Fresh Thai Dining
212 W Main St
Urbana, IL 61801
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About Siam Terrace

- Welcome to Siam Terrace, a restaurant that serves you authentic Thai food. We provide fresh, healthy food, and friendly service. Our chefs DO NOT USE MSG in any of the dishes and use only the freshest ingredients and pure vegetable oil.

Thai cooking is a balancing act in which hot (pungent), sour, sweet, salty, and bitter tastes are brought into robust, tasty equipoise. These make Thai food well-known in the world. Thai food also provides unique tastes from mixture of herbs and spices which have been proved for lowering cholesterol and curing some diseases. Having Thai food is meant that you are having a smart dining.

Siam Terrace is a leading Champaign-Urbana Asian Restaurant on

Reviews and Ratings


excellent pad thai and carrot/cabbage side
Cal (6 reviews | 231 orders)
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Love the cashew stir fry with tofu and extra veggies. You can also substitute standard white rice for brown rice, which is great. Love Siam Terrace!
Jennifer (4 reviews | 102 orders)
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Hands down, one of my favorite places to order from in Champaign-Urbana. They are *extremely* fast - I once ordered and got my order all within 15 minutes of each other. At least during the summer, estimate for delivery within 30 minutes of placing your order! Food-wise, this place is so delicious. My favorite item is the Pad Thai Woon Sen - a good amount of food, hot, fresh, and very delicious. Although it can be on the more pricey end for a college student, I would order from Siam Terrace a thousand times over than some greasy late-night Chinese.
Ashley (3 reviews | 48 orders)
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